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Shawn D.


Tattooing since 2010, Shawn began his professional career in architecture while studying and practicing in Philadelphia and New York City. Integrating his passion for structure and lines, Shawn's tattoo style is fundamentally traditional with a leaning toward bright, bold, line-intensive designs.





All the above artwork was done by Shawn D, better known as Electric Hands.

After successfully opening and running multiple tattoo shops of his own in coastal North Carolina, Shawn now spends his time tattooing at Ink & Barley in his hometown of Saint Augustine, Florida.

If you'd like to book with Shawn at Ink and Barley in Florida, schedule your appointment now via Calendly. As well, check out Shawn's Guide to St. Augustine for places to stay and where to eat and drink if you're visiting from out of town.


If you have any questions regarding the tattoo process or scheduling, see the FAQ page, submit your tattoo questions in the form below, or DM him directly on his Instagram @electric_hands.

Shawn D Electric Hands Tattoo Artist
"Shawn is one of a kind providing the highest quality work around. I’ve been getting tattooed by Shawn since 2017 and highly recommend him if you enjoy quality tattoos and great conversations."


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