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How do I book with Shawn D/Electric Hands?

Fill out the contact form on the home page. Please include the general concept and location of the body you would like the tattoo. You'll be contacted by text (or email if text is unavailable) within 72 hours to schedule your appointment date. Once a date is agreed upon, a $100 deposit via Venmo is required to hold said date. 


How much do you charge?

Typically, tattoos are priced by the piece, unless they require multiple sittings. If a tattoo requires more than one appointment, an estimate (+/- $50) will be given for the entirety of the tattoo at booking.


Can I see the tattoo design before my appointment?

Tattoo design work is not sent prior to the appointment date. Once you arrive, the tattoo design will be discussed and any changes can be made at that time.


What is your deposit and cancellation policy?

All deposits go toward the final cost of the tattoo. All deposits are nonrefundable. If there is a need to reschedule, please do so at least 48 hours in advance of the appointment time. Deposit will be honored for rescheduled tattoo date. If unable to reschedule at that time, your deposit is good for a period of one year from original appointment date.


What do you recommend for aftercare?

If you do not have a latex allergy, Saniderm or a second-skin bandage is recommended and typically applied after the tattoo is complete. For Saniderm or second-skin bandages, leave the bandage on for 3-5 days. When you are removing a bandage, do so in a hot shower as it helps the bandage come off more easily. After removal, let the tattoo completely dry with no heavy aftercare products. If the tattoo becomes dry or itchy, use unscented, dye-free lotion. If for any reason you notice a red bumpy patch or small area underneath the bandage, remove immediately, wash with antibacterial soap, and contact Shawn.

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